Published 2018

Tea & Coffee Trade Journal February 2018: Sustainable Supply Chains
Barista Magazine February + March: Warehousing
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal March 2018: Grinding for Single Serve
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal April 2018: Certifications in Peru
Fresh Cup April 2018: Green Coffee Pricing / Thailand Production
Fresh Cup May 2018: The Barista League Reimagines Coffee Competitions
Fresh Cup June: The United States of Tea
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal June: M&A Leads Roaster Consolidation
Barista Magazine June + July: Training as Mentorship 
Barista Magazine Online: Producers Learning from Each Other





Barista Magazine Online: Competitions at Origin
Roast July-Aug: Pick Your Green Coffee Packing
Tea & Coffee Jul-Aug 2018: Manufacturing Food Safe Cold Brew
Fresh Cup Aug 2018: Know Your Criteria, Find Your Green / Keeping Cold Brew Safe
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal Sept 2018: Brazil Farmers Apply Colombia Specialty Production Techniques / Revitalizing Peru’s Infrastructure
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal Oct 2018: Central America’s Homegrown Specialty
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal December 2018 Sustainable Production in Peru Part IV: Metrics and Tracking
Fresh Cup December 2018: Green Coffee Procurement Part 3 – Sourcing as Investment

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